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Our Horses

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 Heathyards Pride (Pride)

Heathyards Pride (Pride)


16.2hh 2000 (14) Dark Bay Gelding


Pride is a really lovely boy, with a calm, quiet temperament – a family trait as we have also re-homed his delightful brother Heathyards Blessings.

He is looking for a predominantly hacking home.

Pride raced 51 times on the flat, winning 14 times and £90k


Pride has now found a new loan home - Good Luck to Doreen and Pride 

 Hidden Springs (Kit)

Hidden Springs (Kit)

16.2hh 2005 (9yrs) Bright Bay Gelding    


Kit raced unsuccessfully 5 times over hurdles and national hunt, retiring in April 2013 and arrived at the Centre having had a period of time turned away.

Kit is currently progressing well in his re-training programme and is showing a lovely sweet temperament.  

 Korcula (Toby)

Korcula (Toby)

16.1hh 2005 (9yrs) Chestnut Gelding     


Toby arrived at the Centre from a post-racing home where he had received some re-schooling.

He is now looking for a hacking home.  He is a lovely boy with lots of character.

Korcula raced 6 times on the flat without success and retired in 2007


 St Reverien (Frenchie)

St Reverien (Frenchie)

16.2hh 1999 (15yrs) Bay Gelding


Frenchie is a big boy with a big engine, expressive paces and the potential to excel in dressage and riding club activities.

He will need an experienced rider dedicated to working him very correctly to bring out his enormous potential.

He is pictured here at a local dressage competition.

Frenchie had a prolific point to point career before being gifted to the TRC.  

Abbey Express (Abs)

Abbey Express (Abs)

16.1hh bay gelding. 2005 (9 years)

Abs has recently been returned to the Centre and is ready for loan again. He has a gentle laid back nature thriving on one to one attention and cuddles.


He will excel at dressage or showing and is a great hack alone or in company.

Cleveland (Red)

Cleveland (Red)

16hh bay Gelding 2002 (12 yrs)

Red returned to the TRC from his loan home recently due to a sad change of circumstances for his loaner.

He is good to hack alone and in company and enjoys long leisurely rides.


This kind boy requires a sympathetic, quiet rider to bring out the best in him.

Red raced 39 times on the flat and won £12k

High Policy (Policy)High Policy (Policy)

High Policy (Policy)

16.1hh Chestnut Gelding 1996 (18 yrs)


High Policy is a perfect gentleman!  This genuinely lovely chap is looking for a new home where he can enjoy a relatively leisurely life of hacking and some light schooling. He has only recently returned from a loan home where he spent the last 8 years.

He is best to hack in company and is looking for a more leisurely life. 


Policy raced 62 times on the flat.

Lill's Star Lad (Squirrel)

Lill's Star Lad (Squirrel)

16hh Chestnut Gelding 1998 (16yrs)


Squirrel returned to the TRC from a previous loan home through no fault of his own.  He is now looking for a fun hacking home and would enjoy some pleasure rides.



Squirrels is pictured at a TRC parade at Bangor Race Course (August 13).

He raced 9 times on the flat and once over fences.

Lord Sherlock (Sherlock)

Lord Sherlock (Sherlock)

16.2hh Bay Gelding 2009 (5 yrs)


Lord Sherlock is a very smart elegant boy with a sensible, trainable attitude. Although he was bred to race he did not actually make it to training.

He has been recently backed and is showing a lovely attitidue towards his training.


As he is in the very early stages of his training, he is looking for a very knowledgeable, experienced rider to bring out his potential.


Madame Fatale (Maddy)

Madame Fatale (Maddy)

15.3hh Bay Mare  2000 (14yrs)


Maddie came to the Centre in 2008 has been rehomed on one occasion but after some time back with us is now ready to rehome again.

She will make a lovely steady hack for a less ambitious rider and will thrive with one to one attention. 

Peckforton Castle (Harley)Peckforton Castle (Harley)

Peckforton Castle (Harley)

16.1hh dark bay gelding. 2007 (7 years)


Harley is an elegant horse who has been successfully competing at dressage in his previous home.

He is great to hack alone or in company.

Regal Lass (Regal)

Regal Lass (Regal)

15.2hh Bay Mare 2003 (11yrs) 


ASSISTED LOAN SCHEME AVAILABLE:   No loan fee, costs of annual health check, vaccinations, worming and any veterinary treatment of pre-existing conditions covered by TRC


Regal arrived at the TRC from a post racing home where she had been for 6 years.  She had only raced 5 times on the flat and was retired through lack of form in 2006.  


However since working we Regal we have unfortunately discovered that she has an impingement of the spinal processes and should no longer be ridden.  As an unridden horse she will be happy to continue life as a companion.  She mixes well with other mares and loves nothing more than to be out at grass. She is a good doer and has good feet.   She does not require any medical intervention.  


SharpandChic (Layla)

SharpandChic (Layla)

15.3hh Dark Bay Mare 2007 (7 yrs)

Layla arrived at the TRC from a post-racing home where she had enjoyed a hacking lifestyle.  

She is a fantastic hack, good in traffic and is happy to go alone or in company.  

She is looking for a similar happy hacking home.  She has a wonderful steady, gentle temperament.

Layla raced on the flat 10 times, retiring in 2012 due to lack of form.


This One's For Eddy (Eddy)

This One's For Eddy (Eddy)

15.2hh Dark Bay Gelding 2005 (9yrs)


Eddy is a gorgeous boy with a superb temperament and laid back attitude. He loves attention and aims to please.

Eddy came to the TRC straight from his training yard where he flat raced 71 times, winning 5 and being placed another 21 times. He is progressing well through his training programme. He is good to hack, has lovely paces and will excel at showing and dressage.